2017 Integrated Report


What’s the utility of a utility?

Is it found in the plants that
generate power?

The transmission lines that bring
electricity to communities?

The distribution network that serves
homes and businesses?

Well, sure.

But that’s the beginning,

Our stakeholders

- our customers, employees,
communities and owners -

are bound by one common expectation:

Today, we have the opportunity to leverage
innovation and technology to transform
how we deliver sustainable value to our
stakeholders tomorrow.

Customers want tailored solutions to make
their lives easier and their businesses
more competitive.

Solutions that cause our
customers to say:


That's our path forward. To envision, and
deliver, solutions to improve the lives of our
customers in unexpected ways while creating
sustainable value for all our stakeholders.

So, we are reimagining the utility of our utility.

Solving problems before they become problems.
Preventing outages before they become outages.

Making investments – from efficient gas-fired plants
and carbon-free nuclear facilities to renewables and
battery back-up power – all with one objective in mind:

What delivers sustainable value?

We’re deploying advanced metering technology,
and a new data infrastructure, to better understand
how energy is being used, how reliability can be
improved, and how customers can enjoy greater
efficiency and control.

It’s the utility,


And we’re building it today.

We’d like to show you how.

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