2016 Integrated Report
Entergy Corporation

How we generate, distribute, manage and deliver energy is EVOLVING. We expect our industry to change more in the next 20 years than it has in the last 100.


This transformation will be CUSTOMER-DRIVEN.
Customers expect to be fully engaged participants at the center of a smarter energy future.

Advanced technologies will enable ENHANCED products and services to give customers greater CONTROL and CHOICE over energy usage.

Because service will be highly RESILIENT and RELIABLE, customers should not have to interrupt what they’re doing, even during the worst storms.

It’s a more ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE evolution, with increased renewable sources and improved efficiency. It will provide customers with universal access to new technologies and opportunities to save money.

At Entergy, we are executing today to build this SMARTER ENERGY FUTURE... adding new high-efficiency plants that reduce emissions while keeping bills low, building new transmission infrastructure, implementing new technologies and changing the way we do business.

What do we call this future?
It requires investment, innovation and a whole new way of thinking about how we serve customers. A system that’s more dynamic, more interactive, more data-driven. And Entergy is ready to lead the way.

At Entergy, we’re excited about the challenge to transform our business and power a brighter tomorrow.
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