Clear vision, clear progress.

2015 Integrated Report

Engage With Our Stakeholders

We regularly engage with community stakeholders affected by our operations. For example, Entergy and New York State officials engaged in extensive discussions in 2015 to reach a constructive and mutually beneficial agreement to avoid a shutdown of FitzPatrick, but were ultimately unsuccessful. Despite the plant’s solid operational performance, the economics simply do not support its continued operation. We are thankful for the pledge of support for the plant, and the nuclear industry as a whole, by our regional representatives. We will continue to be a good corporate citizen, recognizing that this is a significant event for the local economy and for surrounding communities. We continue our stakeholder engagement, as we have done in Vermont, with the employees and communities affected by these decisions. We will also have continued outreach in the communities where we are decommissioning facilities.

We also engage with state, regional and federal stakeholders and regulators on material issues that affect our operations. We are engaged with multiple organizations and agencies as part of the license renewal process for Indian Point Energy Center. We also continue to encourage discussions with key stakeholders on market design issues to ensure generators are fairly compensated for the value these assets provide in terms of system reliability and both environmental and economic sustainability.