Clear vision, clear progress.

2015 Integrated Report

Summary of 2015 Financial Performance

In 2015, we delivered earnings and dividend growth. Our operational earnings were $6.00 per share, compared with $5.83 per share in 2014 — an increase of nearly 3 percent. Our utility business delivered strong results in 2015, driven primarily by productive investments, favorable weather and tax benefits. However, our EWC business was challenged by persistent low wholesale power prices, particularly in the Northeast. More information on the strategy and operational performance of our businesses can be found in the Utility, EWC and Workplace sections of this report. In 2015, our board of directors approved a 2.4 percent increase in our dividend, the first increase in more than five years. Our objective is a steady, predictable trajectory in our dividend payout going forward.

While we made significant progress in 2015, it did not translate into top-quartile returns for our shareholders. Our 2015 total shareholder return was -18.2 percent, which ranked in the fourth quartile of our peer group. Positive reaction to successes and other actions toward the end of 2015 validates the momentum we see moving into 2016. Positive credit rating actions in 2015 also acknowledge the strong financial footing of the company. Moody’s assigned the combined Entergy Louisiana a rating of A2 for its senior secured first mortgage bonds and upgraded its ratings for Entergy New Orleans. At the same time, Moody’s affirmed its rating for Entergy Corporation and raised the outlook to positive. We are committed to generating strong financial returns for our owners, as it affords us ongoing access to capital needed to provide reliable power at reasonable costs for our customers, to compensate our employees and to invest in our communities.

2015 Total
Shareholder Return

Source: Bloomberg

Comparison of Five-Year Cumulative Return

The following graph compares the performance of the common stock of Entergy Corporation with the Philadelphia Utility Index and the S&P 500 Index (each of which includes Entergy Corporation) for the last five years ended December 31.


Source: Bloomberg

Credit Ratings as of March 18, 2016

Entity Standard & Poor's Moody's
Entergy Arkansas 1 A- Positive A2 Stable
Entergy Louisiana 1 A- Positive A2 Stable
Entergy Mississippi 1 A- Positive A3 Stable
Entergy New Orleans 1 A- Positive Baa2 Stable
Entergy Texas 1 A- Positive Baa1 Stable
System Energy Resources 1 A- Positive Baa1 Stable
Entergy Corporation 2 BBB Positive Baa3 Positive

1 Senior secured ratings

2 Corporate credit rating