Clear vision, clear progress.

2015 Integrated Report

Opportunities and Risks

We manage opportunities and risks inherent in our material issues through our strategies, management policies, procedures and processes and stakeholder engagement.

Opportunities and Risks

Entergy’s Management Approach

Ensure nuclear operations meet highest standards for safe, secure operations

Understand event causes leading the NRC to move Arkansas Nuclear One and Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station to Column 4 of the Reactor Oversight Process Action Matrix as well as other nuclear performance shortfalls. Ensure proper implementation of corrective actions to ensure recovery to Column 1 in regulatory oversight.

Increase utility sales and revenue

Aggressively pursue economic development and customer sales growth opportunities at all levels of the organization, which will ultimately help to mitigate bill effects by spreading fixed costs over a larger customer base. Helping lift customers out of poverty also supports economic growth in our region while minimizing utility write-offs.

Develop supply solutions to meet utility demand

Meet growing load needs with safe, reliable, efficient generation and transmission, and maximize value of existing assets through operational excellence. Explore emerging technologies.

Invest and modernize our utility assets

Streamline processes and deliver long-term savings and customer satisfaction. Explore new technologies to modernize and digitize the business and further harden infrastructure.

Integrate external outreach

Engage with regulators and stakeholders to obtain input on key issues and secure effective regulatory constructs.

Manage the physical risks associated with climate change and environmental regulation

Implement a comprehensive environmental strategy that includes partnering with communities and customers to implement adaptation measures and meeting our voluntary cumulative CO2 stabilization commitment, while engaging in the regulatory process on applicable environmental issues. When extreme weather threatens our infrastructure, be prepared with industry-leading emergency response capabilities.

Manage EWC fleet operations

Continuously improve operations to achieve industry-leading results in operations, reliability and safety.

Ensure continued Indian Point operation

Aggressively pursue Indian Point’s continued operation through all appropriate regulatory, legal and governmental processes to preserve this critical asset’s underlying value.

Decommission nuclear plants

Maintain safety as a top priority while following established NRC-approved methods for decommissioning nuclear plants. Support employees and communities through the transition to decommissioning from operating state.

Manage price and other EWC risks

Implement a dynamic hedging strategy based on informed views on wholesale power prices. Engage with key stakeholders to achieve desired regulatory outcomes.

Advocate for wholesale market improvements

Utilize a principle-based approach to identify flaws or uncompetitive structures and practices in the wholesale markets in which we operate and champion constructive changes.

Ensure a safe work environment

Continuously improve our processes and systems to support employee and contractor safety.

Operate effectively as an organization

Make long-term, fundamental improvements in the way we work to ensure efficient, cost-effective and sustainable practices, including end-to-end business processes that are aligned with strategic goals and customer needs.

Drive organizational health

Sustain a work culture that is aligned, adaptable, engaged and able to get the right things done.

Recruit, retain and develop a skilled, engaged workforce

Ensure our approach for training, developing and promoting employees is aligned to meet current and future business needs; develop human resource programs to recruit and retain a workforce that has the knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve our strategic imperatives.

Create a skilled workforce pipeline

Invest in education and workforce development, including working with community partners to support regional workforce readiness.