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2015 Integrated Report

Key Performance Indicators


2015 Total
Shareholder Return

Source: Bloomberg

Comparison of Five-Year Cumulative Return

The following graph compares the performance of the common stock of Entergy Corporation with the Philadelphia Utility Index and the S&P 500 Index (each of which includes Entergy Corporation) for the last five years ended December 31.


Source: Bloomberg

Credit Ratings as of March 18, 2016

Entity Standard & Poor's Moody's
Entergy Arkansas 1 A- Positive A2 Stable
Entergy Louisiana 1 A- Positive A2 Stable
Entergy Mississippi 1 A- Positive A3 Stable
Entergy New Orleans 1 A- Positive Baa2 Stable
Entergy Texas 1 A- Positive Baa1 Stable
System Energy Resources 1 A- Positive Baa1 Stable
Entergy Corporation 2 BBB Positive Baa3 Positive

1 Senior secured ratings

2 Corporate credit rating

Average Monthly Residential Bill
1,000 kWh Usage/Month
In Dollars


Entergy system weighted average; varies by utility operating company

Bellomy Perception Survey


Percent of randomly selected customers who responded to the Bellomy Perception Survey with a score of 8, 9 or 10 when asked how satisfied they are with Entergy as a utility company on a scale of 0-10, 10 being the highest

Outage Frequency


System average interruption frequency index: average number per customer per year, excluding the impact of major storm activity

Outage Duration


System average interruption duration index: average minutes per customer per year, excluding the impact of major storm activity

2015 MISO Performance

Employee Year-Ending
Recordable Accident Index


Contractor Year-Ending
Recordable Accident Index


Recordable accident index: number of recordable accidents per 100 full-time equivalents
Recordable accidents include fatalities, lost-time accidents, restricted duty accidents and medical attentions

Utility Nuclear Fleet
Capability Factor

Capability factor: percentage of the maximum energy generation a plant is capable of supplying to the grid, limited only by factors within control of plant management

EWC Nuclear Fleet
Capacity Factor

Capacity factor: normalized percentage of the period that the nuclear plants generate power


Cumulative CO2 Emissions
from Entergy-Owned Plants
and Controllable Purchases
Million Tons

Average CO2 Emission Rate from
Entergy-Owned Plants
Pounds per kWh

Number of
NPDES* Exceedances


* National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

Generation Sources Used
to Meet Utility Demand