Clear vision, clear progress.

2015 Integrated Report

(left to right) Steven V. Wilkinson; Blanche Lambert Lincoln; W. J. “Billy” Tauzin; Philip L. Frederickson; Stuart L. Levenick; Maureen Scannell Bateman;
Leo P. Denault; Gary W. Edwards; Alexis M. Herman; Donald C. Hintz; Admiral Kirkland H. Donald, USN (Ret.); Patrick J. Condon; Karen A. Puckett

Board of Directors


Attorney, Former Executive Vice
President and General Counsel,
State Street Corporation
New York, New York

An Entergy director since 2000.
Age 72

Retired Audit Partner,
Deloitte & Touche LLP
Frankfort, Illinois

Joined the Entergy Board in 2015.
Age 66

Chairman of the Board
and Chief Executive Officer,
Entergy Corporation
New Orleans, Louisiana

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since 2013. Age 56

Former President and Chief
Executive Officer, Systems
Planning and Analysis, Inc.
Alexandria, Virginia

An Entergy director since 2013.
Age 62

Former Senior Executive
Vice President, Conoco Inc.
Houston, Texas

Lead director of Entergy. An Entergy director since 2005. Age 74
Philip L. Frederickson

Former Executive Vice President,
Planning, Strategy and Corporate
Affairs, ConocoPhillips
Horseshoe Bay, Texas

Joined the Entergy Board in 2015.
Age 59

Chair and Chief Executive Officer,
New Ventures, LLC
McLean, Virginia

An Entergy director since 2003.
Age 68

Former President, Entergy
Corporation and Entergy
Services, Inc.
Punta Gorda, Florida

An Entergy director since 2004.
Age 72

Former Group President
and Executive Office Member,
Caterpillar Inc.
Peoria, Illinois

An Entergy director since 2005.
Age 62

Founder and Principal,
Lincoln Policy Group
Arlington, Virginia

An Entergy director since 2011.
Age 55

President and Chief Executive
Officer, Harte Hanks, Inc.
Monroe, Louisiana

Joined the Entergy Board in 2015.
Age 55

Owner, Tauzin Strategic Networks
Washington, D.C.

An Entergy director since 2005.
Age 72

Retired Audit Partner,
Arthur Andersen LLP
Watersmeet, Michigan

An Entergy director since 2003.
Age 74

Maintaining an Effective Board

By design, our board is diverse and balanced from a variety of perspectives. We have significant diversity in gender or ethnicity as well as directors from a wide variety of professional backgrounds including utility and general business experience, nuclear industry experience, government and public policy experience and finance and accounting experience. Some of our board members have successfully navigated their companies through periods of transformational change stemming from technological advances and changing competitive dynamics. We need expertise in each of these areas to ensure our board can provide oversight and guidance on Entergy’s business portfolio. We also believe our board is a good example of how the whole can exceed the sum of its parts. Our board members actively engage each other to assure that all ideas are evaluated critically from a number of perspectives.

Our mandatory retirement age policy calls for the retirement of two valued board members in 2016: Gary Edwards, our lead director, and Steve Wilkinson, chair of our audit committee. In anticipation of these retirements, our corporate governance committee and board, assisted by a leading executive recruiting firm, conducted a lengthy search process. The goal was to identify and recruit new directors with the skills and background to replace those retiring and enhance the current board to face the future challenges of an evolving industry. We needed at least one new director with a solid auditing background and one with experience as a business leader in a company or industry undergoing transformational change. The committee identified three outstanding candidates: Pat Condon, a retired audit partner at Deloitte & Touche LLP with experience as an audit committee member on other boards, Karen Puckett, a former executive at one of the nation’s largest telecommunications companies, and Phil Frederickson, a former executive at ConocoPhillips who led the merger of Conoco and Phillips a number of years ago. All three candidates joined our board in 2015.

With these additions and retirements, our board will be balanced in terms of tenure. Half of our non-employee directors have fewer than five years of experience on our board and half have more than five years. We are committed to maintaining an effective board structure that includes a lead independent director appointed by a majority of the independent board members for a three-year term.

Entergy’s board met 14 times in 2015. All board members then in office attended approximately 95 percent of the total number of meetings of the board and the committees on which he or she served. Board responsibility for sustainable economic, environmental and social practices is maintained by various committees as part of their charters. The board’s six standing committees (and their meeting frequency in 2015) are: audit (12), corporate governance (9), personnel (9), finance (8), nuclear (6) and executive (0).

Board Committees as of Dec. 31, 2015

Name Audit Corporate Governance Personnel Finance Nuclear Executive
Maureen S. Bateman (c)
Patrick J. Condon
Leo P. Denault (c)
Kirkland H. Donald
Gary W. Edwards
Philip L. Frederickson
Alexis M. Herman (c)
Donald C. Hintz (c)
Stuart L. Levenick (c)
Blanche L. Lincoln
Karen A. Puckett
W. J. “Billy” Tauzin
Steven V. Wilkinson (c)

(c) Chair