Clear vision, clear progress.

2015 Integrated Report

Align With Our Stakeholders’ Expectations

We engage with our stakeholders to better understand their needs. Aligning our objectives with the expectations of our owners, customers, employees and communities helps us make better business decisions. We engage regularly with our stakeholders to communicate our strategies and plans, gather feedback and gain support to help us achieve our goals. We communicate face-to-face at stakeholder events and through numerous other channels including e-newsletters, social media and bill inserts.

Haley Fisackerly, President and CEO, Entergy Mississippi

Through our outreach efforts, we also are able to make our perspectives known to and understood by policymakers. We work with the NRC to ensure continued safe and secure operation of our nuclear fleet. On the state and local levels, we work constructively with our regulators to secure regulatory frameworks that support our ability to make productive investments to benefit our customers. Roughly 90 percent of the investments in our utility capital investment plan are under some form of progressive regulatory framework. Earning a reasonable return on our investments allows us to maintain low rates through operational and service excellence, which in turn helps us attract and retain customers. We made significant progress across our utility operating companies. For example:

  • Legislation facilitating future investment was passed in Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas.
  • The Mississippi Public Service Commission approved a rate modernization plan with forward-looking features.
  • The Arkansas Public Service Commission approved a net $128 million base rate increase and 9.75 percent return on equity and established a framework for the forward test year formula rate plan.
  • The Public Utility Commission of Texas allows rider mechanisms to facilitate investments in transmission and distribution infrastructure. Use of the distribution cost recovery rider was approved and the filing for the transmission cost recovery rider is in progress.

We also received approvals to end the Entergy System Agreement. The agreement will end in third quarter 2016, simplifying our regulatory structure and reducing risk and uncertainty for us and our customers. It will allow us to put greater focus on the distinct opportunities of each of our retail regulatory jurisdictions as well as our core operations without the distractions from the near constant inter-regional litigation associated with this agreement.