Clear vision, clear progress.

2015 Integrated Report

Serve Our Customers With Excellence

Excellent service that meets our customers’ expectations is the foundation for our business success. All of our utilities improved by several points in the J.D. Power 2015 Electric Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study. In the Cogent Reports 2015 Utility Trusted Brand & Customer Engagement™: Residential Study, Entergy ranked fifth among 125 of the nation’s largest electric and natural gas utilities for engaged customer relationships. We also track our performance in the Bellomy Perception Survey, monitoring the percentage of randomly selected customers who respond with a score of 8, 9 or 10 when asked how satisfied they are with Entergy as a utility company on a 10-point scale, with 10 being most satisfied. For the past three years, Entergy has achieved more than a 70 percent positive response.

Sallie Rainer, President and CEO, Entergy Texas


While we improved along many dimensions of customer service in 2015, our reliability performance fell short of our targets. Outage frequency and outage duration both increased in 2015. We are evaluating our system performance and response procedures to improve our reliability going forward.

Emergency preparedness and response are key components of reliability at Entergy. In 2015, we restored power safely and quickly following significant storms in Arkansas and Louisiana. We prepare for extreme weather events year-round, conducting robust emergency response drills and business continuity planning. We invest in and harden our systems to improve resilience and reduce the time it takes to restore service. We engage with our communities and customers to prioritize our investments and minimize business disruptions.

Phillip May, President and CEO, Entergy Louisiana, LLC

Customer Cost

Our average monthly bills to our residential customers are more than 20 to 25 percent below the national average. We strive to maintain that bill advantage for our customers and to support growth in the communities we serve. In addition to our efforts to manage our costs, we strive to lower customer costs through economic development activities and energy efficiency and demand-side management programs.

All classes of customers – residential, commercial, industrial and governmental – continue to benefit from our membership in MISO. We also continue to focus on gaining efficiencies through generation and transmission projects that reduce production costs, investments to improve productivity and predictability and distribution investments that lower cost and usage. For example, we installed telemetry on our vehicle fleet to optimize fleet size and deployment. By measuring, tracking and reporting vehicle data, we have saved more than 400,000 gallons of fuel and $400,000 in maintenance costs.

Economic growth generates additional demand for power, which helps us maintain favorable rates. We enable economic growth by maintaining low rates and reliable service, investing in our local communities and meeting regularly with local and state leaders and with existing and prospective customers. We continued our extensive outreach efforts and made upgrades to our site selection websites to help businesses considering an expansion or relocation to the region.

Currently we offer more than 30 energy efficiency and demand-side management programs across our four utility states. Benefits of these programs are reduced energy costs, deferred generation investment and reduced environmental footprint.

We offer energy efficiency programs as well as tools to help our customers reduce their energy bills. The objectives of Entergy’s demand-side management and energy efficiency programs for residential and commercial customers are to reduce the overall cost of meeting energy resource needs; provide customers with attractive options to reduce their energy consumption; educate customers on the value of energy efficiency; and support low-income and sustainability initiatives. For industrial customers, objectives of Entergy’s programs include reducing energy-related costs and maximizing energy reliability.

Across our utilities, we have invested more than $345 million from 2002 to 2015 to deliver approximately 428 MW of load reduction and approximately 1.36 million MWh of cumulative energy savings. Currently we offer more than 30 energy efficiency and demand-side management programs across our four utility states. Benefits of these programs are reduced energy costs, deferred generation investment and reduced environmental footprint. We offer a variety of tools to all classes of customers based on their needs. For residential customers, these include resources to encourage energy efficiency including DIY videos, online advisors and home energy calculators that offer online energy audits. We promote these tools through a monthly customer e-newsletter. A web page, myResources, serves as a starting point for customers to research and identify actions to reduce consumption and lower their utility bills. Through myResources, customers can access myAdvisor, myHome, myPaymentOptions and myAccount Online. In 2015, there were nearly 160,000 visits to Entergy’s website to perform online energy audits and access energy efficiency information.

Customer Experience

Our customers expect the same seamless service from Entergy as they receive from other service providers. In early 2015, we announced our customer digital roadmap, a major plan to design, integrate and implement new digital customer-facing technologies over the next three to five years to meet and exceed customers’ expectations and transform the customer experience. We have developed a comprehensive roadmap to transform our operations with more streamlined, efficient and data-driven ways of serving our customers that give customers more choice, control and personalized service. Advanced metering infrastructure, new digital self-service and social media options and customer relationship management tools that enable personalized service are examples of investments we are evaluating to transform the customer experience provided by Entergy.

Outage Frequency


System average interruption frequency index: average number per customer per year, excluding the impact of major storm activity

Outage Duration


System average interruption duration index: average minutes per customer per year, excluding the impact of major storm activity

Average Monthly Residential Bill
1,000 kWh Usage/Month
In Dollars


Entergy utility system weighted average; varies by utility operating company