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ESG Advocacy
and Political Accountability

Stakeholders are central to everything we do at Entergy. After all, stakeholders are the groups, entities, and individuals who have an interest in how we operate. From the customers we serve directly by delivering reliable power and natural gas they need, to the communities in which we operate, to our employees and owners, our stakeholders are important to us.

Stakeholder feedback and engagement helps us create smart, forward-thinking plans that encourage and promote sustainable practices throughout our organization. By engaging with our stakeholders and gathering diverse points of view, we strive to build strong, trusted connections that result in solutions with broad support.

We are involved in a number of legislative and regulatory initiatives across a broad spectrum of policy areas that can dramatically affect our operations. We take positions on key economic, environmental, regulatory, and social policy issues affecting our business, such as potential environmental regulations and poverty relief. We also participate in legislative and regulatory processes through trade organizations. We encourage employee participation in the political process through the Entergy Corporation Political Action Committee. ENPAC supports state and federal political candidates who satisfy ENPAC’s contribution criteria, and our procedures ensure corporate political contributions comply with all applicable laws and are reported in a timely manner.

Approximately half of our employees are members of EnPower, Entergy’s grassroots advocacy group. EnPower educates members on issues of importance to the company and encourages members to get personally involved, including reaching out to public officials.

Entergy’s Stakeholder Engagement Management Program allows us to purposefully plan and execute our interactions with stakeholders on key initiatives. The program ensures that all stakeholders are informed of our business pursuits and that their concerns and positions are heard. The program also includes a publicly facing website.

More information on Entergy’s advocacy and political accountability can be found in our annual Advocacy and Political Contributions Report on the Corporate Governance section of Entergy’s Investor Relations webpage.