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ESG Sustainability:
The Foundation of
the Premier Utility

Entergy is committed to building the premier utility by focusing on operating a customer-centric and sustainable business that creates value for four key stakeholders: employees, customers, owners, and the communities we serve.

Entergy invests in our service area, which creates jobs and other economic activity. We support our customers by keeping our rates affordable and ensuring reliability. We invest in our employees and our communities to improve their economic outlook. Through these investments, we are an economic engine creating value for our owners. Our employees — including executive management — live and work in the communities we serve. We operate our business as efficiently as possible while minimizing our impact on the environment. This cycle of investment, economic activity, and responsible value creation is the definition of a sustainable business.

We recognize that we have an obligation to address the impacts of climate change that threaten the resiliency of our Gulf South communities, to advocate for social justice, to provide resources and assistance for low-income customers, and to help promote the economic health and growth of our region. We are committed to take actions to meet the needs of our stakeholders today in a manner that creates opportunities for innovation tomorrow.

We are addressing our industry’s and our planet’s greatest challenges by expanding and enhancing our sustainability commitments. We’re developing sustainability solutions as a leading partner with, among others, the Electric Power Research Institute, Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance, and the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, one of the nation’s leading think tanks on energy and environmental issues.

Entergy’s sustainability mission is to create sustainable value for our customers, employees, owners, and the communities we serve by using sustainable business practices that integrate environmental, social, and economic objectives and concerns.

We use a series of questions to inventory and measure our sustainability programs:


  • Which ones are important to your organization?

EPRI Priority Issues

  • Which ones are important to your organization?
  • How do your initiatives align?

Entergy Strategy & Objectives

  • How do your initiatives align and/or
    map to these items?

Sustainability Goals

  • What are the primary goals for each priority issue/initiative?
  • Are those we currently disclose complete?
  • What can be shared internally? Externally?

Key Initiatives

  • What is underway?
  • Who is the subject matter expert / initiative leader?
  • How do we track impact and results?

Performance Metrics/KPIs

  • What are these? Which ones are
    key performance indicators?
  • How do these compare to the
    integrated report? Performance
    data table? Industry peers?
  • How do these compare to those
    currently disclosed in the
    integrated report, DJSI, etc.?