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Our Company
Building the
Premier Utility

We have worked over the last few years to meet stakeholder expectations by delivering on our business strategy. We have achieved significant milestones that demonstrate our continued progress toward realizing our mission. At the same time, our industry is changing and Entergy is entering an exciting period of growth opportunities as we prepare for the future. To take the next step on our journey, we are building the premier utility, a utility that delivers sustainable value to all its stakeholders as measured by strong net promoter scores, high levels of service, superior and affordable products and services, highly skilled and engaged employees, and industry-leading financial performance. We are focusing our sights on three key priorities — customer centricity, continuous improvement, and creating a culture of belonging for our employees.

Customer Centricity

The emergence of new technologies and data analytics is bringing promising new opportunities beyond traditional generating equipment, substations, poles, and wires. Our customers expect far more from us than keeping their lights on. In fact, reliable power at the flip of a switch is just the beginning of our relationship with customers.

In the past, utilities were expected to keep the grid running. Today, we want to go beyond that by helping customers achieve their aspirations. Instead of simply providing an input — electricity or gas service — to a customer’s home or business, we’re working to understand the outcomes they need and want. Engaging with customers on a new level requires a new mindset. By building on our interactions and understanding the outcomes customers need and desire from their power consumption, we can develop new customer solutions that achieve those outcomes — and make their lives better.

Continuous Improvement

We’re on a journey to continuously optimize our business. With no shortage of customer-centric investment opportunities, we’re actively identifying ways to create headroom to make more investments while mitigating the impact on customers’ bills. We are working smarter and more efficiently by improving processes and using advanced technologies such as automation to improve our business. These efforts will enable us to invest more, which will result in even higher levels of service and reliability without significantly affecting customers’ bills. That’s our objective, for our customers to achieve their most ambitious dreams at the lowest possible cost while consuming fewer resources.

A Culture of Belonging

We’re focused on strengthening our culture in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and belonging. We are committed to developing and retaining a workforce that reflects the rich diversity of the communities we serve. The diversity of employee ideas, backgrounds, perspectives, abilities, skills, and knowledge enables us to more effectively create innovative business and customer solutions. To ensure that we fully realize the potential of our diverse workforce, we are also focused on creating and nurturing a culture of belonging, with the goal of assuring that all employees feel valued, heard, and respected. A powerful and dynamic culture retains top talent, provides an environment for more engaged employees, and empowers our workforce to deliver on customer-centric opportunities and continuous improvement to create further sustainable value for all our stakeholders.