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Our Utility
Our Utility Business

Our utility operating companies provide power at some of the lowest rates in the country to retail customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. We also deliver natural gas to customers in New Orleans and parts of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Pie chart showing Entergy's electric retail sales by jurisdiction (in GWh)
Pie chart showing Entergy's electric retail sales by customer class>

In 2019, as we provided power and natural gas safely, reliably, and efficiently to our customers, we also made significant investments to benefit our customers in generation, transmission, distribution, and customer solutions.

Electric Retail Sales
by Jurisdiction
(in GWh)
Entergy Louisiana: 62,764
Entergy Arkansas: 31,204
Entergy Texas: 20,823
Entergy Mississippi: 15,012
Entergy New Orleans: 7,782
Electric Retail Sales
by Customer Class
(in GWh billed)
Industrial: 48,483
Residential: 36,094
Commercial: 28,755
Governmental: 2,579