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Our Utility

Our utility generation assets are operated within MISO, a regional transmission organization. In cooperation with stakeholders, MISO manages approximately 72,000 miles of high-voltage transmission and 192,000 MW of power-generating resources across its footprint. MISO’s real-time and day-ahead energy markets use centralized economic dispatch and security-constrained unit commitment to optimize all resources within the region based on bids, offers, and schedules provided by market participants. Regional commitment and dispatch result in a more efficient use of the electrical system, which lowers costs for customers and creates significant benefits.

As part of MISO, the utility realizes significant benefits — and we pass any resulting savings along to customers. From 2014 through 2018, it is estimated that Entergy’s customers saved approximately $1.3 billion on electric bills as a result of MISO membership. As part of a large pool of resources, Entergy can maintain reliability with less generation capacity than if the company were on its own. Also, because MISO dispatches from a large pool of generation to serve the needs of all customers in its footprint, the dispatch is more efficient, resulting in a lower delivered cost of energy and long-term benefits for customers. In addition, operating within MISO enhances reliability by informing all market participants of the state of grid conditions, market operations, and other key system information. MISO mitigates congestion, in significant part, through price signals, allowing for timelier and more efficient congestion management. Participation in MISO provides a wealth of useful information to transmission planners about new transmission facilities and upgrades that are likely to provide economic savings. MISO also provides mechanisms to allocate costs of new facilities and upgrades to those who benefit from them.

In 2019, we invested approximately $1 billion in transmission capital projects to connect generation assets; support economic development by serving new customers; and enhance system reliability, efficiency, and resiliency.

  • Entergy Texas completed a new $65 million, 25-mile, 230-kV transmission line that enhances the current transmission infrastructure with more modern and efficient technology to better serve the region.
  • Entergy Texas also energized Phase I of the Western Region economic transmission project. This initial phase, which involved rebuilding 25 miles of an existing 138-kV line, provides economic benefits, reduces congestion, and provides operational flexibility.
  • Entergy Louisiana completed two projects in May: The Ninemile to Barataria project, which involved rebuilding 15 miles of an existing 115-kV line to strengthen service reliability, was completed at a cost of $55 million. The Fancy Point 500 / 230-kV autotransformer project, which was completed at a cost of $65 million, reduces congestion on the transmission system and strengthens reliability.
  • Entergy Louisiana also completed the $100 million Southwest Louisiana 69-kV Reliability Improvement Project, which covered approximately 900 square miles and included construction of new transmission lines as well as rebuilding many existing lines.
  • In Mississippi, a 500 / 230-kV autotransformer upgrade project was completed. Funded by multiple parties, it reduces congestion and provides operational flexibility to the transmission system in central Mississippi.
  • Entergy Arkansas completed a $23 million, 500 / 115-kV autotransformer upgrade project to strengthen service reliability for customers in the Little Rock area.