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We engage with our stakeholders to better understand their needs and their goals. Aligning our objectives with the needs of our customers, employees, communities, and owners helps us make better business decisions. Through regular communications, we share our strategies and our plans, we gather feedback, and we gain support to help us achieve our objectives. In 2020, face-to-face communications were limited due to COVID-19. However, with communications as important as ever, we took advantage of telecommunications and other channels including e-newsletters, social media, and bill inserts.

We work to understand and address the needs and concerns of our stakeholders when we propose and implement generation, transmission, and distribution projects. Through outreach efforts, we ensure that policymakers and other stakeholders understand our perspectives and objectives.

We also work closely with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to ensure continued safe and secure operation of our nuclear fleet. Our nuclear plants and employees maintain a strong presence in local communities by engaging with local companies and suppliers and through charitable contributions and volunteerism. We engage with stakeholders on an ongoing basis in areas such as public safety and emergency preparedness.

Each year we conduct a shareholder outreach program to explain our approach to environmental, social, governance, and other areas of interest. We gather shareholder insights and feedback on matters of mutual interest, and we discuss topics such as company performance, executive compensation, emerging corporate governance practices, climate strategy, other environmental and social issues, and sustainability oversight and performance. In 2020, we met with shareholders owning 24% of our outstanding shares. Shareholder perspectives inform our decision making, help guide our actions, and enhance our disclosures.

We also use social media to complement our stakeholder engagement. We utilize media, including blogs and social networks, to share and discuss company news, products, and initiatives. Specifically, we have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

In 2020, we met with
shareholders owning 24%
of our outstanding shares.